Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plans change.

Oh surgery oh surgery, how I wish you old have gone as planned.

Getting up at 4:30 in the morning to make sure I was on time to the hospital was actually pretty easy. After arriving at the hospital we waited about 30 minutes for them to call me back and get me into my sexy scrubs! The nurse inserted my IV and told me I had another 45 minutes until my surgery. Great. I hate waiting. So Diego and I watched Boy Meets World which actually made me extremely happy and I was wheeled off to surgery with a smile on my face!

Dr. Barton talked to me again about what we were doing and asked how I was feeling. I reminded him that I was very much over being in pain and that I NEEDED him to do WHATEVER he could. Before the amazing anesthesiologist put me under I asked him what he did while the patient was out. He gave me this funny face and told me nobody had ever asked him that before! He then informed me that he would be watching my vitals and reading up on new medicine. He asked me what I thought he would be doing an I told him that I thought he would be reading a golfing magazine like they do on Grey's! He laughed pretty hard at that! And then he put me out!

If you have ever had surgery you know they bring you into a post-op room and have you monitored until you wake up from the anesthesia. I still don't know why the dr. comes and talks to you while you are in and out of consciousness but they do. I never remember half of what they tell me anyways. All I remember was him telling I had to stay the night which meant the surgery hadn't gone as planned. Fail.

They got me settled into my room in the maternity tower and all I wanted was drugs. I was hurting. Once they got some morphine and ibuprofen into me I was starting to feel better. Dr. Barton came by and told me the not so great news. The surgery started out perfectly with just a laser but my body as usual had other plans. He decided to make a two inch incision so he could use his hands but the cysts were so big he had to slice me open a bit more. The surgery was only supposed to take about an hour... It took almost 3. And then he dropped a whopper on me. One ovary and tube aren't working. He didn't take them out because they aren't hurting anything but they definitely won't be helping in the baby making department. It was kind of like a punch in the gut. All I wanted to do was sleep and not think about all the pain.

Day two in the hospital was pure hell. Every pain pill they gave me made me vomit. Not until about 5 pm did they finally figure out a cocktail of drugs that helped me more then it hindered me. The Dr. decided I needed to stay over another night just to monitor me. I was so worried about having to deal with the pain on my own that I was excited to sleep there.

The next morning I was ready to go by 8 in the morning. I was in pain but the pain pills were working and was ready to leave the hospital! Since then all I have done is sleep and it's been awesome and boring all at he same time! Thanks to all my friends and family for worrying about me. I felt so much love!


  1. I am sorry to hear your surgery didn't go well and the horrible news they gave you as well. I hope you recover quickly and start feeling better soon.

  2. Seriously you need to catch a break. I am hoping this makes you feel better, it doesn't sound like much fun. Boo.