Sunday, February 17, 2013


Thanks to my hard working husband my butt got to go on an a trip to Mexico for FREE. No lie. It  was all expenses paid vacation to the most beautiful resort I have ever been to. I was a freaking mess because there were 55 poeple on this trip that I had never met and we were going to be flying, playing, drinking, and partying with them for a week. I was stressed for weeks about it but turns out the roofing community in Utah is a great group of people. We met some amzing people that made this trip perfect. Dinners lasted hours where we drank, drank, and drank some more. I have never been the biggest drinker in my life and since we have trying to make Mini Meneses's for so long I would drink maybe twice a year. That went right out the window when the alcohol was flowing FREELY. I am talking free-nintynine for anything you want. I am pretty sure my husband and his friends drank 6 bottles of Jack in 3 days. There were some crazy things done while people were drunk but thats what makes great stories.  

Here are some photos of the resort:

Looking at these pictures is making me miss it so much! I will post all of our adventures soon!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

My cheerleading section.

I just want to send out my love to everyone that has helped me emotionally and mentally get through the last couple years. They are seriously my cheerleaders. It's so hard to not get depressed after every Drs. appt. keeps getting worse and worse but my peeps are alway there to let me cry too.
We have now started the process to see if in-vitro is a good option for us. Not excited for the ultrasound and blood tests but I am a professional at this so bring it on right?!? We have chosen our fertility specialist and he is a total sweat heart. And he is in Sandlyland so it's perfect! After today's testing we will find out what our odds of in-vitro working for us are. Not sure I am ready for the answer to that but since my odds have already been cut down to 40% because of my stage 4 endometriosis I just have to go in with a positive attitude!

Thanks again for all the texts, calls, and Instagram love.