Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy life.

Wow. I am so glad I have this three day weekend to recuperate after my hellishly busy work week. It's very strange that we are so busy at work when we are usually slowing down for the summer months but it's nice. Thank goodness I love the people I work with so being with them for 10 hours a day is great!

Saturday I had a cooking lesson from the amazing Vanessa. She taught Evonne and I how to make street tacos that were amazing! Oh and did you think that we bought the tortillas? Um no. We made them. Sadly I didn't take any pictures but they both did so I will link up when they post them.

Sunday morning was the first day that I woke up with no pain! I guess they weren't lying when they said to take it easy for 6 weeks. Oops. I don't do good sitting around so this has been hard for me. But today I am going back to the gym! I can't tell you how excited I am. I know I can't go balls to the walls but it will be great to get back to my lovely life of always being busy.

Hope everyone has an amazing Memorial Day and thanks to everybody that has served our country.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another great weekend.

After three days back at work my body and mind needed a break. I might have overdone it a bit at work but I relaxed a lot this weekend. My Morgan came into town for a wedding and we had some great sister time.

Friday night was game night with some of our friends. If you have never played Harry Potter clue you are in for a treat. It's complicated but so fun. Sadly I didn't win but neither did Mo do I don't care.

Then Saturday was a day of thrift shopping! We hit 5 Deseret Industries and got soooo many books. Char had now joined in the book buying fun too! On our way home we found a little cupcakery and decided to give it a try!

We went to our favorite lunch place with our friend Jax and laughed the whole time. And as always the food was delish. If you are ever in Sandyland swing by Mt. Fuji!

I was starting to hurt so I skipped the movie with the Fam and went home to rest. I got a great surprise! My mothers day present had arrived!! Love it! Now I am going to clean the house since Diego is in St. George golfing... And working a little bit.

Hope everyone had a good weekend too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Back to the grind.

This weekend was perfect. I am not in "that place" yet that makes me hate mothers day and all it represents. Hopefully I will never be, but who knows.
Every mothers day Diego still gets me presents from Minnie and it really is a joyous day. This year Diego got me the three really great gifts, but only 1 was really just for me. We went to home depot on Sunday and bought tons of flowers for my front yard since most of my flowers haven't bloomed and I needed some color mixed in there! And we also got all our plants for our garden! We might have over done it a bit but we got so much great veggies last year we couldn't pass it up.
We also updated our Dish dvr to the Dish Hopper. GREATEST THING EVER. Seriously. I am not obsessed with tv but I do like to have my shows recorded for me and ready for me to watch when I get into bed at night. Diego and I have serious problems during the Jazz season when he stops my recordings to watch the game. Drives me bonkers. Well now all our problems our solved. The one downside is I have to go back through and put all my shows into the system. Pain in the butt but there is no way I am missing any episodes of Real Housewives.
And my favorite present is a necklace that I haven't gotten yet but I think it represents my state of mind perfectly. Eventually. It's a word that angers me and brings me hope all at the same time. But luck will eventually be on my side one day and I will get the baby that I think about from sun up to sun down. The R House Couture is an amazing company that really does understand what you are going through. Can't wait to get it in the mail!
Over the weekend I was up and moving more then I had since my surgery so I decided I should go back to work on Monday. I woke up Monday and realized I had maybe done a little to much and I was hurting. Hung out in bed most of the day and just relaxed! I woke up this morning ready to get my butt to work! But since I wasn't supposed to go back till tomorrow my work had me just work half the day. Oh how I had missed my coworkers! Greatest humans ever. It was so great to be back and tomorrow I will go back to my full time schedule and I am actually excited!
Hope everybody else had a great Mothers Day!

Friday, May 11, 2012

What's next?

My two weeks of sitting around not doing ANYTHING is almost over and I am actually excited to go back to work! Never thought I would say that. I was so looking forward to being home and just lounging around all day, sleeping, and watching tv. But when you can't even lift 5 pounds everything that needs to be done is off limits. No laundry. No weeding. No vacuuming. No nothing. I'm hoping I can sneak back to work on Monday instead of Wednesday if I feel alright. And now for the downside. I am going back into "menopause." Since the Lupron shots didn't work the Dr. Is putting me on a hormone suppressant called Norethindrone for at least 6 months. Blah. I'm not sure if I am ready to go through this again but if it will help me get pregnant in the future I guess that is what I will have to do. So now I will go back to my reading and enjoy my last couple days at home.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Plans change.

Oh surgery oh surgery, how I wish you old have gone as planned.

Getting up at 4:30 in the morning to make sure I was on time to the hospital was actually pretty easy. After arriving at the hospital we waited about 30 minutes for them to call me back and get me into my sexy scrubs! The nurse inserted my IV and told me I had another 45 minutes until my surgery. Great. I hate waiting. So Diego and I watched Boy Meets World which actually made me extremely happy and I was wheeled off to surgery with a smile on my face!

Dr. Barton talked to me again about what we were doing and asked how I was feeling. I reminded him that I was very much over being in pain and that I NEEDED him to do WHATEVER he could. Before the amazing anesthesiologist put me under I asked him what he did while the patient was out. He gave me this funny face and told me nobody had ever asked him that before! He then informed me that he would be watching my vitals and reading up on new medicine. He asked me what I thought he would be doing an I told him that I thought he would be reading a golfing magazine like they do on Grey's! He laughed pretty hard at that! And then he put me out!

If you have ever had surgery you know they bring you into a post-op room and have you monitored until you wake up from the anesthesia. I still don't know why the dr. comes and talks to you while you are in and out of consciousness but they do. I never remember half of what they tell me anyways. All I remember was him telling I had to stay the night which meant the surgery hadn't gone as planned. Fail.

They got me settled into my room in the maternity tower and all I wanted was drugs. I was hurting. Once they got some morphine and ibuprofen into me I was starting to feel better. Dr. Barton came by and told me the not so great news. The surgery started out perfectly with just a laser but my body as usual had other plans. He decided to make a two inch incision so he could use his hands but the cysts were so big he had to slice me open a bit more. The surgery was only supposed to take about an hour... It took almost 3. And then he dropped a whopper on me. One ovary and tube aren't working. He didn't take them out because they aren't hurting anything but they definitely won't be helping in the baby making department. It was kind of like a punch in the gut. All I wanted to do was sleep and not think about all the pain.

Day two in the hospital was pure hell. Every pain pill they gave me made me vomit. Not until about 5 pm did they finally figure out a cocktail of drugs that helped me more then it hindered me. The Dr. decided I needed to stay over another night just to monitor me. I was so worried about having to deal with the pain on my own that I was excited to sleep there.

The next morning I was ready to go by 8 in the morning. I was in pain but the pain pills were working and was ready to leave the hospital! Since then all I have done is sleep and it's been awesome and boring all at he same time! Thanks to all my friends and family for worrying about me. I felt so much love!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is the big day. And guess what time we have to start the day? 5 A.M.! When I went to my pre surgery appt the amazing Dr. Barton told me that he had scheduled me for early but I figured that meant 7 or 8! Not 5:30!! But my appt went amazingly and we talked about how the procedure will go step by step. This better be the surgery that fixes the last two years of my life or somebody is going to be in trouble. : )