Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Third times a charm.

Right now I am on day 5 of bed rest and I am bored. Thankfully my pain meds knock me out for most of the day and night so I don't have to entertain myself for too long during the day! Being on bed rest is very hard for me but I am sure when I have to go back to work I will wish that I was sitting at home doing nothing! 

In February Diego and I started seeing Dr. Hatasaka at RCC to see what he could do for us on our quest to get a mini me. RCC has an amazing staff and we are VERY lucky that they are only a 5 minute drive from our house. The tests all came back with answers we were already aware of but Dr. Hatasaka told us that our only real option is In-vitro. Which I already knew in my head but hearing a doctor tell you this is just another dagger in the heart. We went over our odds of it actually working, 40% ish, and decided to go for it. 

When you decide to start in-vitro you think it's going to be a quick process, well at least I thought it was, it's not. Once our nurse went over the actual price tag and we picked our chins up off the table we had a couple things to do before we even start the process. First on the list was to remove my clogged left tube. It had a condition called hydrosalpinx. This is bad because all the liquid and nastiness that gets trapped in your tube could leak into your cervix and will kill the babies immediately. So of course it had to go, not like it was helping anything. While doing that they were to remove the 5 cysts that had grown in the last couple months. One of them was 15 times bigger then my ovary, but they are inside your ovary so there is no room for any follicles to do their job. Just peachy huh?! I decided to go back to my OB for the surgery because he has a leg up on what's already gone on down there. 
After least years surgery Dr. Barton told me he wouldn't do the surgery again because everything was so bad, after I begged him he agreed and we planned a date. 

The surgery went amazing. Even Barton was impressed with himself! They removed the left tube and all 5 cysts and cleaned up all the nasty endometrium that has accumulated in the last year. He said it wasn't anything like it was last time and that once I heal for 6 weeks we can start the in-vitro process! During this whole process I have never actually thought this mini me was going to happen. I know that's negative but It was just never something I let myself think of. But after talking to Barton I knew that all this crap was worth it because I will have my own babies one day. 

Serious shout out to everyone that has sent me such positive messages and helped me through all of this.