Saturday, February 16, 2013

My cheerleading section.

I just want to send out my love to everyone that has helped me emotionally and mentally get through the last couple years. They are seriously my cheerleaders. It's so hard to not get depressed after every Drs. appt. keeps getting worse and worse but my peeps are alway there to let me cry too.
We have now started the process to see if in-vitro is a good option for us. Not excited for the ultrasound and blood tests but I am a professional at this so bring it on right?!? We have chosen our fertility specialist and he is a total sweat heart. And he is in Sandlyland so it's perfect! After today's testing we will find out what our odds of in-vitro working for us are. Not sure I am ready for the answer to that but since my odds have already been cut down to 40% because of my stage 4 endometriosis I just have to go in with a positive attitude!

Thanks again for all the texts, calls, and Instagram love.


  1. I love being your cheerleader. You are such an awesome person, and have the best of attitudes. Keep me updated, and I would love to eat our feelings together anytime.

  2. My fingers are crossed. I am hoping for the best! I can't wait until we move home this summer so we can hang out again...that is if you will still be my friend.

    1. Are you guys coming back for good?!? That would be awesome!!!!

    2. We are moving back for good. We move back the end of June.