Saturday, April 28, 2012


After my last depressing post I should write a positive post! And guess what is keeping me positive?!? Planning a trip to Disney World of course! In two months Diego and I will be sweating our busts off in the happiest place on the planet! Right now I am planning on where we are going to be eating while we are there. Since I am on a pretty strict diet It's just easier for me to cook my own food instead of going to a restaurant  and picking the basics off of their menu. Since we are staying in a condo with a kitchen we will be eating most of our meals there. But if you want to do Disney World right you have to eat at a couple of the amazing places Disney has on their property.  Disney has amazing places that you can just walk up too and order and wait for a table or you can be a Disney snob and plan ahead to eat at a sit down restaurant 6 months in advance. Yes, Disney opens their reservations 6 months in advance and the most popular dining experiences go FAST! Even if you wait till two months before your vacation you will still be able to get reservations at the most popular places but you will have only a couple times a day to choose from.  Last year while planning our trip I was going off of blogs and friends  recommendations and we ate at some amazing places! But this year we are hitting some of the places I have been eying since last year!   So far I have booked two places that I can't wait to eat at: The Hollywood Brown Derby & Jiko: The Cooking Place. Even though these restaurants are some of the most popular places we are still excited to hit up some of our favorite places that you can just walk up too and eat at. Our go to eatery is Fresh A-peel in Downtown  Disney. Oh my amazing. Diego and I have already joked about us going straight from the airport to Fresh A-Peel to get our lunch!  I hope this two months goes by quickly! And if you want to see my reviews from last years eateries look me up on Yelp. Best App Ever!

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