Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That's only a dollar?!?

Day 22: today I am thankful for Deseret Industries because their books are cheap. Thy might have diseases on them, but they are only a buck so I won't complain.

Reading is my first love.


  1. Ok, so I forgot that you have this new blog. I love it and want to learn how to make those noodle things one day.

  2. THEY MIGHT HAVE DISEASES ON THEM... That made me laugh so hard. I LOVE DI books. I pretty much by nothing at DI but books. When my husband and I were dating, his 2 children had NO books in his house (he had been divorced a year, he had them very part time, yada yada). So the first thing I did when things were getting serious was hit up DI for books. I'm happy to report that (mostly) thanks to DI, we now have hundreds. :D Reading is my first love as well, and if I pass that on to our children, I have succeeded as a parent.